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Staan vir Jou Huwelik

“Staan vir Jou Huwelik” gaan oor daai egte geselsies oor liefde en lewe, met 'n tikkie fliekfantasie. Onthou jy daai oulike romantiese komedies wat ons laat glo het in sprokies-eindes?

Wel, die lewe het 'n paar onverwagse draaie gegooi, en skielik was daai gelukkige eindes nie meer so vanselfsprekend nie. Maar hier’s die kinkel: elke struikelblok is net die begin van 'n nog meer epiese avontuur.

Dis soos om 'n treffer-liefdesverhaal te ontdek, geskryf deur die Een daar bo. Dit is nie net nog 'n liefdesverhaal nie; dit is 'n praktiese gids om deur dik en dun bymekaar te bly.

Dit is 'n high-five vir die paartjies, 'n hartlike welkom vir die enkellopendes, en 'n knik vir enigiemand wat soek na 'n vonk van die goddelike.

Gereed vir 'n paar hartsake en vriendelike gesigte? Kom loer in by Lewend Woord Paarl op 26 Mei. Ons begin om 9, met 'n toegif om 11. Sien jou daar!

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Christian Coaching Magazine

Ess-Jee Rautenbach shares his journey of cultivating his life coaching business in the spring edition of CCMag. “My ambition was to distinguish my offerings, to provide my clientele with unparalleled value—a strategy I believed would secure long-term prosperity for my business.”

Read more here: christiancoachingmag.com

Pre-Launch Book Announcement

“The Avatar Effect: Discovering Your True Self and Fulfilling Your Destiny”

🌟 Pre-Launch Book Announcement 🌟

Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey with Ess-Jee Rautenbach’s latest book, “Finding Your Avatar in Life and Pursuing Your Purpose.” This isn’t just a sequel to his previous work; it’s a transformative guide that shines as a beacon of hope for those on the path to self-discovery.

🔍 Discover Your Essence: Begin with self-awareness and dive deep into the essence of your being. Ess-Jee’s narrative, rich with non-fictional wisdom and captivating stories, invites you to soar with your imagination and embrace the Whole Brain Thinking model.

🧠 A Balanced Reading Experience: Engage your analytical and creative sides with a narrative that’s both rich in detail and dynamic in illustration. Reflective spaces at the end of each chapter allow you to integrate and apply the insights to your life.

📖 Your Personal Gandalf: Like Bilbo Baggins’ call to adventure, this book is your invitation to step beyond the familiar. Journey through understanding your true self, drawing parallels with heroes from “The Hobbit” to “Ready Player One.”

Available for pre-order now! Click here to reserve your copy and join the adventure before the official launch. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0D1JQSFTR?ref_=cm_sw_r_mwn_dp_ZJD13E4ZE30313CCM0S8&language=en_US

Ess-Jee Rautenbach brings over 12 years of life coaching experience to his writing, offering a narrative that’s not only enlightening but deeply personal. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to explore “The Avatar Effect” and set forth on your journey to self-discovery and destiny fulfillment.

Write you✨ Craft Your Avatar: Create your avatar, a profound expression of your identity, and connect with those who share your passions. It’s a call to live authentically and pursue your dreams in the very fabric of reality.

🚀 A Call to Action: Embrace your avatar, pursue your purpose, and unlock your potential to make a meaningful impact. This book is more than a read—it’s a call to action to live authentically and fulfill your destiny.

📚 Dive into this epic tale of self-realization and begin the most important quest—finding and pursuing your purpose.


Elevate Your Business with Groundbreaking NBI Techniques

Embark on a transformative journey with the Drakenstein Business Chamber at our exclusive Business Workshop. Led by council member and renowned life coach, Ess-Jee Rautenbach, this workshop is your gateway to mastering NBI Brain Profiles and harnessing them for your business’s success.

Speaker: Visionary business thinker, Ess-Jee Rautenbach Date: 19th June 2024 Time: 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM Venue: 263 Main Rd, Esterville, Paarl

Invest just R579 to unlock a treasure trove of strategic business knowledge and savor a sumptuous lunch on us. This is your chance to soar to new heights in business prowess.

Claim your seat by scanning the QR code or visiting our event page!


Business Chamber

Meet Ess-jee Rautenbach, a Life Coach and a Business Trainer who spoke at the 1st Drakenstein Business Chamber Network Meeting

Ess-Jee Rautenbach was the guest speaker at the 1st Drakenstein Business Chamber Network Meeting on 9 February 2024 at Conqueror Western Cape - Dealership. He shared his insights on how to take care of your mental health as a business owner and how to get started. Here were some of the points he discussed. Drakenstein Sakekamer The Impact of Mental Health on Business Owners

Running a business is exhilarating, but it can also be mentally taxing

In the News


Drakenstein Business Chamber

The Board welcomes these members to our management team who are willing to work together to create a sustainable environment for both member businesses and residents who are the users of our products, in the City of Drakenstein.

Fearless Wolf Life Coaching, led by Ess-Jee Rautenbach, achieved an impressive feat by securing the runner-up position in the prestigious 2023 Small Business of the Year Award, organized by the Ahi. The award celebrates the excellence and innovation of small businesses in various sectors, such as technology, education, health, and tourism.

The award also recognizes the impact and contribution of small businesses to the economy and society. Fearless Wolf Life Coaching is a life coaching business that helps people to find their avatar and purpose in life, and to live their best lives by creating and using their avatar. The business is based on the personal and professional experience of Ess-Jee Rautenbach, a life coach from Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa, who has helped many people, from different backgrounds and situations, to find healing, hope, and happiness in their lives.

The business also offers online courses, books, and workshops on finding your avatar and purpose in life, as well as on various life skills and techniques. Fearless Wolf Life Coaching is a shining example of a small business that has achieved remarkable results and outcomes by providing quality and innovative services to its clients.

Ess-jee Rautenbach is a life coach and a videographer who is also involved in the Drakenstein Business Chamber (Drakenstein Sakekamer) as a youth minister. His role as a youth minister is to help young people in the Drakenstein area to develop their skills, talents, and potential, and to connect them with opportunities for education, employment, and entrepreneurship. He also organizes events and workshops for youth empowerment and networking, such as the Fearlessly You Seminar series and the Fearlessly Balanced Workshop. He works with other speakers and coaches who share their expertise and experience on topics such as mental health, nutrition, spirituality, and goal setting. He is passionate about helping young people to live fearlessly and authentically, and to achieve their dreams. You can learn more about him and his work on his Facebook page and his YouTube channel. You can also visit the Drakenstein Business Chamber website to find out more about their vision, history, and activities.


Discover how to master the art of selling with Ess-Jee Rautenbach, the creator of Fearless Wolf Lifecoaching. He revealed his Amazing ABC of Sales Talk, a powerful strategy to increase your sales performance and win more clients. This was a remarkable session organized by Rawson Properties, the best property company in South Africa. Rawson Properties Paarl kicking the year off with some amazing motivation and life coaching with Ess-Jee Rautenbach at Fearless Wolf Life Coaching, accompanied by Van Wyk Van Heerden Inc and Rawson Finance. Rawson Properties Tulbagh/Ceres/Wolseley Rawson Properties Worcester & Ceres

I had a wonderful time at the Nbi brain profile training session with Rawson Paarl. It is always an honor to work with this amazing company. If you are interested in nbi training, please visit our website at www.fearlesswolflifecoaching.net

Note: nbi stands for Neethling Brain Instruments, a world-renowned profiling tool that tests thinking preferences.


EssJee Rautenbach Shares His Wisdom on the Power of Words with El Shaddai Christian School Students

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, El Shaddai Christian School welcomed a special guest speaker, EssJee Rautenbach, a life coach and NBI practitioner who is passionate about spreading positivity and empowering people. Rautenbach delivered a powerful message on the power of the tongue and the words we speak, based on the biblical principle of Proverbs 18:21: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

Rautenbach shared his personal testimony of how God transformed his life through the words he heard and spoke, and how he now uses his gift of communication to help others discover their hidden potential and achieve their goals. He also gave practical tips on how to use words wisely, such as speaking the truth in love, avoiding gossip and slander, and declaring God’s promises over our lives.

The event was attended by more than 50 students from various grades and backgrounds, who were eager to hear Rautenbach’s inspiring words. Many of them expressed their appreciation and gratitude for his message, and some even requested personal coaching sessions with him. Rautenbach said he was humbled and honored by the response, and that he has a heart for the youth and wants to see them grow in their relationship with God and themselves.

El Shaddai Christian School is an independent, co-educational, Christian school situated amongst the rolling hills of the beautiful green suburb of Durbanville, in Cape Town, South Africa. The school’s vision is to build a family of churches to reach the nations, and to equip and empower disciples of Jesus who make other disciples that make disciples. For more information about the school and its upcoming events, visit their website1 or follow them on Facebook.


The Fearlessly You Seminar is a series of events that aim to help you find your inner voice, heal, and achieve ultimate health and wellness in all aspects of your life. The first seminar was held on February 26, 2023 at the D’Olyfboom Conference Venue in Paarl, South Africa1. The seminar featured four speakers who shared their insights and expertise on topics such as mental health, nutrition, life coaching, and spirituality. The seminar also included vocal performances by Niki Strachan and Karli Joy. The theme of the first seminar was "Restoring Your Body, Finding Your True Self, and Expressing the Original You"1. The seminar was hosted by Kersie Media1 and presented by Ess-jee Rautenbach from Fearless Wolf Life Coaching, Madeleine Pretorius from Project Life, Pieter-Louis Potgieter from Lewend Woord Paarl, and Mandie Bester from Balance U2. The seminar was a success and received positive feedback from the attendees. You can watch a video explanation of the first seminar by Ess-jee Rautenbach on YouTube.

The second seminar is called “Restorative Activation” and it was held on May 28, 2022 at the same venue as the first one. The second seminar will have the same speakers as the first one, but with an additional guest speaker, Sobanzi Dirk Saul, who is a personal trainer. The second seminar will focus on how to activate your body, mind, and spirit to achieve your goals and dreams. You will learn how to overcome fear, doubt, and procrastination, and how to create a positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle. You will also get to enjoy some vocal performances by Niki Strachan and Karli Joy1. The second seminar promises to be an inspiring and empowering event that will help you become the best version of yourself.


The Fearlessly Balanced Workshop is a two-day event that aims to help you achieve wellness and balance in your life. It is hosted by Kersie Media and presented by health and life coaches who will teach you how to use food, mindset, and spirituality to restore your body, mind, and spirit. Y The workshop will be held on October 28 and 29, 2022 at the D’Olyfboom Conference Venue in Paarl, South Africa. The workshop is part of the Fearlessly You Seminar series that aims to help you live fearlessly and authentically.