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Fearless Wolf Lifecoaching Services is a company that uses the NBI® tool to help people achieve their goals and improve their thinking. They offer life coaching, motivational talks, and workshops on various topics related to personal and professional development. They also provide AI chat bot and AI real life avatars for their business clients. They customize their services to suit their clients’ needs and preferences and provide them with support and resources.

They offer life coaching, motivational talks, and workshops on various topics related to personal and professional development.

Services for Business

  • Life coaching: We help you achieve your personal and professional goals with our customized coaching sessions.

  • NBI Brain Profiling: We help you understand yourself and your clients better with our neuroscience-based assessment tool.

  • AI chat bot: We help you increase your sales and customer satisfaction with our smart and friendly chat bot for your website.

  • AI real life avatars: We help you create engaging and realistic marketing videos with our advanced AI technology that generates lifelike avatars.

  • Business talks, training, and workshops: We help you improve your skills and knowledge with our interactive and informative sessions on various business topics.

Services for Schools

  • Life Skills: Develop self-awareness, self-confidence, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and goal-setting. Cope with stress, anxiety, and peer pressure.

  • Relationship Skills: Improve empathy, respect, trust, cooperation, and conflict resolution. Build healthy and positive relationships with family, friends, teachers, and classmates.

  • Career Skills: Explore interests, talents, values, and passions. Plan academic and professional goals. Prepare for future careers.

  • Creativity Skills: Unleash creative potential and express yourself through music, painting, writing, and photography. Enhance imagination, innovation, and originality.t here...

Services for Churches

  • Life coaching: We help leaders, staff, and members achieve their personal and spiritual goals with our customized coaching sessions.

  • Group training, workshops, and motivational speaking: We help groups improve their skills, knowledge, and motivation with our interactive and inspiring sessions on various topics.

  • NBI Brain Profiling: We help individuals and teams understand themselves and others better with our neuroscience-based assessment tool.

  • Pastoral support: We help pastors and church leaders with their challenges, needs, and opportunities with our supportive and confidential coaching.

You didn’t come this far to stop.

Life Coaching Services

You didn’t come this far to stop.

Motivational Talks

Customized motivational talks and workshops for corporate companies.

Fearless Wolf Life Coaching offers customized motivational talks and workshops for corporate companies. Whether you need to boost your team’s morale, productivity, or creativity, we have the solution for you.

Contact us today and fill in your details for a quote and bookings.

Customized motivational talks and workshops for Schools.

One of the services that I offer is talking at schools, where I share my insights and stories with students and teachers. I aim to inspire, educate, and empower them to overcome challenges and pursue their passions. I tailor my presentations to suit the needs and interests of each audience, and I use interactive and engaging methods to deliver my message.

If you are looking for a speaker who can make a positive impact on your school community, please contact me today. I would love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together to create a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone.

Customized motivational talks and workshops for Christian churches.

Fearless Wolf Life Coaching delivers customized motivational talks and workshops for Christian churches. We can help you and your congregation grow in faith, love, and service.

We have experience in working with different denominations and sizes of churches.

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You didn’t come this far to stop.


You didn’t come this far to stop.

Latest Client Reviews

Here's what our customers say
"For the past almost 7 months Fearless wolf managed to rewire my brain completely and guide me through all my traumas. Essjee was always motivating me and encouraging me to be the best version of myself. He has made a massive impact on my life and I would highly recommend anyone struggling or in need of guidance to see him as your life coach. Phenomenal service , excellent advice and a great leader ! Thank you Essjee for everything you’ve done for me and the difference you’ve made in my life , I would definitely come back to you if I ever need you again but for now I have to learn to stand on my own two feet !

- Erin C

"Ess-Jee helped me so much on my life journey. I discovered so much about myself and my abilities. Today I feel stronger. Stronger in faith, and stronger in all my storms. His guidance, support and safety net (to mention but a few), are the things that I will ALWAYS be thankful for. I am honestly so grateful that God allowed me to meet this wonderful human being."

- Caryn C

"Before I approached The Fearless Wolf, I had insecurities within myself and my decisions. I had family trouble and I had no idea how I had to deal with all the challenges that kept coming. I also had some problems in my relationship with my boyfriend.

The Fearless Wolf helped me to discover that not only was I, my own problem, but also my own solution. He provided me with life changing skills, especially boundaries that are still helping me today, as I was previously a people’s pleaser and struggled to say no to others. He helped me to find ways how to fix my family problems and the problems within my relationship.

Not only did I discover new qualities within myself through this process, but with the life changing skills that I learned, I have the ability to protect myself more often from being misused, to keep negativity away from my heart and to lead a less stressful life. It was amazing how an objective view from such an amazing professional changed my entire outlook on my own life.

Today I don’t feel worthless for admitting that I needed help. I am grateful that I reached out, because thereafter my life changed for the best. I can’t imagined what would have happened of I didn’t make the decision of coming to The Fearless Wolf."

- Carmari M

”I just want to thank EJ for his wonnderfull life couching. He is so gifted with a talent to help people, not only on a emotional level but also spiritual. I have encountered with him before when I was going through a difficult time and how he could predict my faults was astonishing. At first I didn't want to accept reality, but God brought me to my knees and opened my eyes. Without His grace I would not have succeed. EJ helped me holistically. He created a safe space for me to vent when I was stuck in my reality. I reached my healing time in a far quicker time that I would have on my own. I would recommend life couching for any individual struggling with what life and society is throwing at them. It has helped me a lot and guided me to reach my goal. I'm scared to think what would have become of me if I haven't met EJ. Thank you once again for your guidance and support. What I have experienced is life changing!.”

- Jana M